Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Visit with Santa

We are very much looking forward to Christmas already this year! Maddox and Cooper had a chance to visit with Santa Claus last weekend. He came to Bebe's clubhouse to visit with the kids...what a treat! He was the most gentle, soft spoken, and interactive Santa ever! When we were visiting with him, there were just a few other children present so he really spent a lot of time with Maddox and Cooper (when he could stand being in the same room). Maddox thoroughly enjoyed himself, Cooper, not so much! Maddox told Santa that he would like a Lightning McQueen Jumping Race Track...I sure hope he's a good boy so he can get one! It's the ONLY thing he wants or has asked for!!!! It's so precious to experience the Christmas season through his eyes. Man, I love these little boys!!!

What day is it tomorrow?

Maddox asked last night what day it would be tomorrow...I told him Sunday. He said, "A church day?" I said yes. He said, "Oh no, I can't go to church, I just can't take all of that Rock 'n Roll!!" What a funny guy!!! He's in luck (I guess), we're not going to church...Cooper is napping and I don't have it in me to wake him up. Jim's working FIVE 24 hour shifts this and tomorrow (off Tuesday) and then back again for Wed and Thurs and then back again to the station on Saturday!! Ughhhhh...this is going to be a very long week!!!! I do not like feeling like a single parent. Thank goodness for preschool this week! Hoping everyone stays healthy so that Maddox can go all three days!