Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Two Princes

The boys and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Chick fil A this evening. Tuesday is "Family Night" and KIDS EAT FREE...woo hoo! Tonight's family night had a theme! PRINCESS NIGHT! Just up our alley...not...at least, I would not have guessed that it would have been! Maddox took off to play in the play area with about 5 little girls...several wearing princess dresses! He picked a favorite, the oldest of the group (probably around 6 or 7) and they ran and played as hard as they could. When they came back to the tables to take a hydration break the little girl introduced Maddox to her mother...she said, "This is my new friend Maddox, he's 5 1/2!" Oh my goodness...he's already fibbing about his age to try to get in with the older ladies! Cinderella showed up while we were still there. Melissa, Maddox's new love interest, ran with her sisters to get in line to talk to the princess. So, Maddox just fell in line behind them! He waited patiently to speak to her and told her his name (without being prompted) and that he lived just around the corner. What, was he trying to pick up Cinderella?? I asked him if he'd like to have his picture with her...he said no and that "That's not cool" until he saw his lady friend Melissa have her picture taken with her sisters...he (a bit reluctantly) stood next to Cinderella for a quick photo. So funny!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Water Babies!

Both Cooper & Maddox love the water! Very convenient since we have had record highs the past few days!! Maddox loves to "swim" around with his swim vest and has gotten the nerve up here recently to jump in and go under!! This is a huge deal because before now he would insist that someone catch him so his head did not go under water. We worked very hard last year with trying to teach him to hold his breath...not as easy as I would have thought! It's also tricky to hold your breath when you are grinning from ear to ear while paddling around!!! Cooper loves to float around in his boat and takes in the sights and sounds of the pool. He enjoys the occasional chlorine lick and is happy to splash and squeal until he gets pruney!! I brought home an inflatable pool the other day (green, no less, so I was really the hero to Maddox). I spent 30 minutes blowing the darn thing up, then filled it with water, got the boys in their swimsuits, took towels, toys, and a chair and we set out for some splash time. About the time we got out, the sun went behind the clouds and a very cool pleasant breeze began to blow. Maddox stepped in the pool and decided pretty quickly that it was way too cold to play in. Cooper, on the other hand, did not let the cold get to him (and was very appreciative of all I'd done to make the pool date happen). He sat and splashed (while taking very shallow breaths for the first few minutes) and played and had a ball!!!! Here's a couple of pictures of the cutie patootie!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Big Boy

Cooper is growing up before our eyes...he's changing so much everyday! In the last week and a half he has figured out how to push himself up to a sitting position from laying down, he's gotten up on his knees to crawl (instead of his commando crawl), and he's pulling up! Just when you think you are safe...

Cooper loves riding the fire trucks around the house. He follows Maddox and tries to keep up with him the best that he can. He hasn't quite figured out how to turn just yet (although I'm sure Maddox will teach him the "spin out" sooner than later). Maddox is a great helper...his "job" is to pull Cooper and the fire truck back across the room so that he can push himself across once again. It works well for everyone! Maddox loves his role as big brother, Cooper enjoys the ride, and I can just watch!!!!

It's so cool to see them playing with each other and interacting with each other...on purpose! One of Cooper's favorite places to go is to the basment with Maddox! He is in awe of all the toys that live down there...he squeals with delight when I open the basement door!! His favorite activity is to crawl up the roller coaster ramp (preferably if Maddox is trying to come down). I see that they genuinely love each other...I know that they may become irritated with each other in the future, but I pray the love sees them through it all!!

A Career Change for Daddy?

Maddox is a constant source of entertainment for me...On Wednesday, Jim was on shift. Maddox, Cooper, & I had gone to a movie that morning and went by the station to take Jim and some of his crew members lunch. We got to the station and both the engine and the med unit (which Jim was on) were out. Jim sent me a text saying that he may be a while because they were transporting their patient to Emory Johns Creek. After Maddox & I finished our lunch I told him that we probably should leave because Daddy might be a while before he got back to the station. I explained that Daddy had taken someone to the hospital where Bebe had been when she was sick. Of course, he immediately asked if Daddy was sick! I explained (again) that Daddy had taken a patient who needed more help to the hospital in the ambulance to which Maddox replied (with a bit of sarcasm/attitude)..."What, is Daddy a doctor now?" I thought I would wet my pants from laughing!!! Where does he come up with this stuff!!

We decided to go visit Miss Jaynie at the office before going home (since we were in the area). Maddox got to experience something new while we were there! The mailman came to deliver the mail and he let Maddox take a look around in the mail truck and sit in the driver's seat! He was most impressed with the horn, which he "bonked" several times!!! When it was time for the mailman to get back to work, Maddox called out to him and said, "Just bonk your horn if you need someone to move, and BE CAREFUL!" What a sweetheart.