Saturday, May 29, 2010

He must take after his father...

My sweet little Cooper is closing in on his two year birthday. He's such a sweet little guy with a BIG personality, but every once in a while his emotions take over and he has a hard time reigning them back in (I mean, he's an Alford/McArthur, isn't he?). The other day he was just having one of those moments where he was frustrated because he wasn't getting what he wanted with his loud, high-pitched screeches. So, what does any almost 2 year old do? He pitched a tantrum that could have won an award (if there was such a thing)! In the middle of it, Maddox walked over to me and we watched together as Cooper kicked and screamed and rolled around in the floor. Maddox very calmly stated, "ughhh, I think he takes after his fodder." Then he calmly walked away. He just made his observation and left me to deal with the remainder of the tantrum! Thankfully, Cooper recovered quickly and was back to his happy self in no time at all!

Are you tired, Mommy?

Leave it to my 4 year old to be the perceptive one in the house....after a long day of fun at the Y and the pool, Maddox says to me: "Mommy, are you tired? It looks like you could use a rest. I'll tell you what I'll do for you. I'll go to the basment and kick out my bad attitude. But don't worry, I won't kick out my good attitude. Does that sound good to you?"

What a guy! I was tired, but I really felt like I was handling myself well. Wasn't being snappy or impatient with him. Gotta love a (little) man who is in touch with his best girl's feelings! What a sweetheart.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just Like Daddy

Maddox likes to do things "just like Daddy". After sliding down the pole of the trampoline last week he announced to me that "now that I can slide down a pole, I'm ready to be a fireman". Which was especially funny to me seeing as though there are no fire poles or two story fire stations in Gwinnett County (which are the only stations he's ever been to). Last weekend, Jim was working on the Mustang (another one of Maddox's favorite Daddy things) so he jumped right in, or under, to help out! He thought he was big stuff! Cooper and I just observed and played outside while the big boys got greasy!

Happy to be outside!

Taking it all in...

Oh well, it didn't turn out as planned....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Hey, Mom! Look what Daddy taught me to do!"

Thanks, Jim...Maddox is thrilled to have SPIDER CLIMBING to put on his list of party tricks!

Fun in the Sun

Buddy & Cooper hanging out in the playhouse!!

Maddox & Dylan are serious about their sandbox fun!

The "CRAZY" picture...Maddox is being crazy by asking you to smell his armpit...what a boy! I really love Cooper in the background!!! He's so crazy, too!

I am loving this warmer weather! It's great to let the kids get out and play in the backyard (now that it has dried out for the most part) and play! The boys love playing with their buddy, Dylan. I think the big boys would prefer Cooper play somewhere else...he tends to "get in their way". However, Cooper doesn't accept the fact that he's the pesky little brother in their eyes!! He's very persistent and I love him for it!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Cooper

Cooper doesn't get as much air time on this blog as Maddox, this one's for you little buddy! Cooper had a blast today dressing up and wearing a pair of sunglasses he'd gotten from a birthday party. He actually walked around with the glasses on for quite a long time!!! HE LOVED THEM!!! He only took them off when he ran into the wall...not sure if he couldn't see well enough with them on or if he misjudged the distance between Maddox and the wall as he ran by...either way, it was the end of the glasses for the morning. He's a pretty fun guy!!!

Bogan Park!

We finally did it! We went to Bogan Park!!! The trip to Bogan Park was Maddox's prize for finishing swim lessons. He was pumped! The "guys" had gone one day during Spring Break and he'd been hearing all about it. He couldn't wait to see it with his own eyes!! We went on a Thursday afternoon after the guys got home from school. We had a crowd...Bebe, Jim, myself, Maddox, Cooper, Maxwell, Holden and Lucas. They all had a blast and swam themselves silly. Maddox and Cooper both were exhausted after 2 hours in the pool. It really makes me look forward to the summer when we can go to the pool every day (if we choose) and really wear them out!! I was proud of Maddox for working on his swimming. After he warmed up to the idea he didn't stop!!! He was "swimming" all over the place! Cooper did his best to keep up with the big guys, too! He's fearless and would walk on his tippy toes into the deeper water until he could no longer touch and his life jacket would flip him to his back....he'd just lay there and float and wait for someone to come get him (which would be half a second since someone was always right with him). After swimming in the fun pool, Maddox and the Teillon boys went to the larger pool and jumped off the diving board! This was no was probably a 4 rung ladder that they climbed to get to the board. After watching the guys jump first Maddox was ready to do it! Jim jumped in first and waited for him in the water....Maddox started from the end of the board and took off RUNNING!!!! Jim told him to stop at the end and then he did a bounce and JUMPED IN! Jim let him go under and get himself back above water and then helped him to the side....Jim reported that as soon as his head broke the surface of the water he was already asking to do it again!!! Unfortunately, the pool was closing for swim lessons so he wasn't able to do it agian. Of course, Cooper was broken hearted that he wasn't allowed to jump off the diving board and was really ticked that we packed our stuff to leave. A fun time was had by all!!! Looking forward to going again!! Thanks Bebe!!!!

Maddox SWIMMING!!!!

The kid-sized slide!!

My sweet water baby!

Daddy and Maddox float around the lazy river!

Bebe and some of her guys!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my very own mom, mother in law, sister, sister in law, aunts, cousins, and friends! This is a day we honor our mothers. Motherhood is a wonderful opportunity that we as women have. It's also the toughest, most demanding, and sometimes, most unappreciated job in the world!! I told Maddox I that I was thankful this morning to him because he made me a mother! I guess I should thank Jim, too, because he's responsible also. Maddox made me a mother, but I do believe that Cooper has made me a better one (though I still have LOTS of room for improvement). Cooper has taught me to relax and to enjoy all the stages of their lives.
The boys have taught me A LOT over the past 4.5 years. They have been an incredible blessing and I love them both more than words could ever express. They have taught me a great deal about perspective. I read several other mom's blogs and caring bridge sites on a regular basis. As I read the entries of how women are fighting for their children's' lives whether with major pregnancy complications, a husband overseas, a child with cancer, or other chronic illness I realize how good I have it! I have two HEALTHY children! Yes, they have the occasional ear infection or cold, the stomach flu that seems to last forever, but I KNOW that they will recover and be back to normal is a few days. Even though Jim works a lot and long hours, I know that he will eventually come home. Sometimes after 36+ hours of being a pseudo-single parent I get real crabby (I'm sure none of you can believe this)...but, I know that he will come home....and I'm NOT a single parent. I have a loving husband and a good father that will be home as soon as he can! We are blessed that he has a job (or 3) and that he is able to do something that he really and truly looks forward to every day AND I'm able to stay home and raise our children.
I've learned from my guys to trust my instincts and go with me gut! I have found that with my kids, I've found a voice! Not that I didn't have one before, I have opinions, and would really prefer people do as I say...we'd all be happier that way ;)! I have found myself able to stand up for my kids and be their advocate when it comes to medical care especially. If my gut tells me, something is not right, I have spoken up and gotten the ball rolling to get to the heart of the situation.
I've learned to cut myself some slack and not take my role as mother so seriously! It's ok not to be perfect. I've learned from some great girlfriends that everyone has their breaking point. Everyone has had to use their "scary mom voice" to get their kids attention. If you have a bad moment or a bad day, it's not the end of the world. You remind yourself what's important and move forward! This parenting stuff is hard work!
I hope that one day my boys look back on their childhood fondly. I hope that they know that they are loved. I hope that they understand what it took to get them into the world and how much we wanted them! I hope they understand how they have changed my life in such a positive way. I love you, Maddox and Cooper. Thanks for making me a mom. God knew what he was doing when he gave you two to me. Smoochies!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maddox's Fishing Trip

Jim took Maddox and Maxwell fishing at Rainbow Ranch (where you're guaranteed to catch as many fish as you want). Maddox was pumped to go, but I believe he may have changed his tune soon after seeing what is was really all about!!! This video makes me laugh until I cry EVERY TIME I watch it!! The great (or not so great) thing is, HE'S EXACTLY LIKE ME!!!! I love to cast and reel the line in, but Lord please help me if I ever actually catch a fish! They creep me out!!!! Apparently, Maddox is a bit creeped out as well!!! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, I'm very pleased that the boys will play together in the basement. It's wonderful to be able to let them go down there with all of their toys and have fun TOGETHER! Maddox often requests that I let him be in charge and "watch Cooper". He told me once that "anything happens to Cooper, I'll handle it!" He's dying to be in charge and to be the BOSS!

This morning as I'm putting dishes away, checking bank balances, etc (aka "my work" according to Maddox) I hear some loud noises coming from the basement. I recognize the sounds as the tools on the play tool bench. That's the only place they are supposed to hammer and they also enjoy using the pretend electric drill, circular saw and drill press. The noise doesn't bother's when it gets quiet that I get a little nervous. I feel like I have a tuned ear when it comes to the noises they make...I know what squeals and screaches are happy, sad, or just trying to annoy the other. I know how to read the tone of Maddox's voice when he says Cooper, C-O-O-P-E-R, or COOOOOPER! I'm usually spot on and can usually tell what they are playing or doing just by listening to them. So today, after the quiet AFTER the storm of tool sounds, I thought it would be interesting to take the camera down and take a picture of the first thing I saw....and here it is! After I took the picture, Maddox gave me a sideways smile and shrugged his shoulders and said...."Surprise?"

Don't you always practice your swimming in the basement?

Cooper's Collection ended up on the train table...

Maddox had his stuff spread all around him!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Graduate--from swim lessons...

Crank up the Pomp and Circumstance (that's that graduation song, right?)!! Maddox graduated from the PS2 level swim class! IF we were to go another session, he has been promoted to the PS3 class! However, it would take a lot of bribing to get him to go another session right away. He has enjoyed the last few classes, but has also been counting down the classes until the completion of the program! Yesterday, Jim and I were able to see him jump in from the side of the pool and SWIM the length of the little square pool!!!! We were so proud!!!! I sent him a text later in the afternoon that I was BEAMING!! I cannot believe how well he did!!! It has been an amazing transformation! So, still a very proud Mama!

In other news, Cooper is loving life!! He does let his almost 2 year old attitude out a bit more these days, but that's all part of the fun! He has a HUGE personality, much like his big brother! He's trying hard to say more words (in a way that the rest of the family can understand) and is amazing with his physical ability. He loves to RUN, climb, swing, jump, dance, and play! He loves spending time in the backyard with Maddox playing in the sandbox and jumping on the trampoline. He's a REALLY good trampoliner (nice word, huh?). He can jump pretty high for a kid who is not quite 2! It's so fun to watch the two of them together...every day they can do more and more TOGETHER! Maddox likes to take Cooper to the basement to play and insists that he can watch out for him. They do surprisingly well together in the basement. I assume that there is enough to do that they don't have to share if they don't want to. I look forward to the day where they are actually playing together. For now, being happy in the same room is fantastic!!! I'll take it!! They are good kids and I'm so proud to be their Mommy.