Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bobcat Maddox

We attended Maddox's Pack 205 meeting last night.  The majority of the meeting was an "advancement ceremony" and Maddox and his den were a part of it.  They all have earned their rank of "Bobcat".  In the ceremony, the Scout Master painted their faces with several colors with different meanings.  Blue represented the sky, yellow-the sun, green-nature, white-purity, and red-courage.  Some of the boys immediately went and washed it off.  Maddox, of course, suggested he not take a bath and keep it on for school in the morning!  HA!

He's enjoying his Tiger Cub experience.  Following in the footsteps of his Grandad, Great-Gran, Uncle, and Great-Uncles.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I often think of clever things to write or think that the funny things my boys say or do should be recorded....then life gets in the way and I think, "I'll do that later", and before you know it, it's been 8 months since I've written anything!

So, I'm going to try to do a better job of writing.  We'll see how this goes!

The biggest news since I last blogged is obviously the impending arrival of the THIRD McArthur baby boy!!!  We are all excited and can't believe he'll be here in less than 3 months.

Maddox, from the very beginning, was super excited about having another sibling.  Cooper seemed like he could care less.  However, Cooper is now really getting into his new role of "big brother".  He told me recently that his "jobs" when the baby comes will include 1.) Burping the baby 2.) Diaper changes (or assisting in them) 3.) Going to the store for more "diaper changes".  He has also recently reminded me that we'll need to get the baby some bottles and a night-night and suggests we go right away to the store to make the purchases.  I find it very funny that he even thinks of bottles since he had zero interest  when he was a baby :).  Cooper was playing close to me the other day when I felt the baby poke me with an elbow, foot, knee or something.  I asked Cooper if he'd like to feel the baby move.  He quickly put his hand on my belly to feel for himself.  After the baby had changed positions and was no longer putting on a show Cooper asked me to open my mouth.  He was trying to see down into my belly and was a bit frustrated that my "tongue was in the way"!

I can't wait to have the three of them here together.  I'm really hoping they like him as much as they do now!!!!
Here's my 27 week belly...

Cooper's 1st takedown

Cooper attended his first Lambert Youth Wrestling "Rookie" practice last Monday.  He did well throughout practice working on different skills, etc...  This video was taken at the end of practice.  It is "live wrestling".  Funny little dude!  I have a feeling when it comes to Cooper wrestling, the winner will be determined by who didn't fall down and lay on their back before the opponent "pins" him.

Monday, February 27, 2012

You Will Soon Witness a Miracle

“You will soon witness a miracle” That is what the fortune in my fortune cookie said on Thursday. I believe that on Saturday morning I did just that!
Maddox has been wrestling with the North Gwinnett Youth Wrestling Club. It’s his first season and he’s loving every minute of it. He first decided he wanted to do it because 3 of “the guys” (our nephews Maxwell, Holden, and Lucas) are on the team. Of course, Jim’s passion for the sport helped seal the deal! I went to the orientation meeting in November and was concerned about the long season and the two practices a week. Maddox and Jim both assured me that it would be fine. So, we signed him up and went and got the appropriate gear! Who knew there was such a tiny singlet!!!

Maddox worked hard at practice and I have watched him develop right before my eyes! He went from being clueless to a true competitor! When the season first started Jim and I discussed the importance of just keeping it fun. We also were not going to put him in a tournament before we felt he was ready. Each Thursday at practice the coaches would ask what tournament the kids had chosen to go to that weekend. Maddox would look at me each time a tournament was called out and give me this look as if to say “what, I’m not going to that one either??” Finally, in mid-December Maddox BEGGED to be signed up for the Madison County Beginners Tournament (a beginners tournament is only open to 1st and 2nd year wrestlers). I called Jim at the fire station and pled Maddox’s case. He agreed that if he wanted to do it we would give it a shot! The guys signed up for the tournament too so on Sunday, December 18, 2011 Jim, Maddox, Cooper and I along with Brenda, Kelley, Maxwell, Holden, and Lucas all made the trek to Madison County to wrestle. Remember, this is Maddox’s very first time to wrestle an official match! Really, it is the first time for him to wrestle an opponent who is his same age and weight! Maddox is six years old and weighs 41 lbs….he is the YOUNGEST kid on the team! I was a nervous wreck!! It’s Maddox’s turn to wrestle and he lost his first match. He got knocked in the nose, but he continued to wrestle. He came off the mat wide-eyed, but still pumped that he had been on the mat! His second bout, he PINS his opponent!!!!!!! WHAT???!!!! I was crying tears of joy and we were going bananas! It turns out that Maddox has Jim’s competitive spirit (and my good looks, ha ha!!) and really turned it on as soon as he put his toe on the line. He LOVED the competition!! He ended up placing second in his weight class and went home with a silver medal…we were so proud!

We took him to 3 more beginners tournaments where he won 2nd in all of them. He also participated in our club’s open tournament (he didn’t place and was heartbroken) and we also took him to Dixie Nationals (at the Georgia World Congress Center) where he lost two matches and was out of the tournament. However, we were extremely proud of how he wrestled in the open tournaments. He never gave up and wrestled hard until the end!!!
Fast forward to 3 weeks ago….the Coaches were asking who was interested in trying to make it to the Georgia Little Kids State Tournament? I kept my mouth shut, I assumed that because it was Maddox’s first year that we wouldn’t have a chance. Coach said to me, you know, for State they have a 43 lb weight class….how much does Maddox weigh? He weighs 41 lbs but he has been wrestling in the under 45 lbs weight class. Hmmmmm….Coach thinks he can qualify for State, should we do it?? I ask Maddox and his answer is emphatically YES!! OK…we’ll try!

We went to the State Qualifier tournament last weekend…lo and behold, Maddox placed 4th and is now a STATE QUALIFIER!!! We are now going to “the big show” on Saturday, March 10 at Milton High School. He will compete with the top kids in the State of Georgia! I cannot believe it! So, it seems that my fortune on Thursday night came true…I witnessed a miracle as I watched my six year old son who 3 short months ago was clueless about the sport is now going to compete on the state level! He has progressed so much and developed into a “little assassin” (as Jim likes to call him). Plus, there isn’t a more adorable 6 year old on the mat!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Zoomie, our little yard dog

We said goodbye to our little yard dog, Zoomie. She died of unknown causes but we can only assume that she ingested something....there were no signs of injury or trauma to her dog body. You may remember, Maddox received Zoomie as an early Christmas present last year (2010). He asked for a puppy and a baby sister for we added Zoomie to the family. We had lots of fun with her, but I think Buddy will miss her the most! She came to us as an "outside" dog and she stayed that way with us for the past year. Every once in a while she would venture inside and most of the time just run laps. There were also occasions where she would come in to rest or sleep real close to our feet.

We told Maddox about Zoom's passing this afternoon right before he was on the way out to do some fun stuff with Daddy. He was shocked, but seemed to handle the news quite well. When he and Jim returned from their errands, the two of them set out to choose a good place for a grave site. Maddox helped Jim dig and asked lots of questions through the process. Jim prepared Zoomie for burial (while Maddox and Cooper stayed safely inside with me) and we all gathered at her grave for a small memorial service.

Jim started the service with a prayer and thanked God for our time with Zoomie. Cooper passed on saying anything at the time. I told her that I was thankful that she was a part of our family and that she was our first puppy we got as a family of 4. I could hear Maddox sniffling and feel his hand shake as I held it. It was his turn.....he said, "Dear God, thank you for bringing Zoomie into my life. She was the best dog I've ever known" and then he burst into tears....and of course, so did I!

Maddox and I headed inside to grieve and Jim (with Cooper by his side) stayed to put the final touches on the burial site. A few minutes later Cooper came running in and was crying hard and said "Zoomie dead!" We all three hugged and cried and talked about how we would miss Zoom. Cooper regained his composure and went back out with Jim.

When Jim came back in he told me that Cooper had told him that he needed to tell Zoomie a secret. When Jim asked Cooper what it was, he said "God said, Come Zoomie, Come and Zoomie did" God called Zoomie and she was obedient.

While the boys were in the bath tonight I heard Maddox explaining to Cooper that Zoomie was still dead but God would give her a new body in Heaven. Broke my heart, but at the same time made me so proud! I am always impressed with how much they actually listen and understand. Of course, on 3 and 6 year old levels, but understanding none the least!

The loss of a pet feels a lot like the loss of a close friend. We keep thinking we'll see that little pink nose at the back door...we miss you Zoomie. May you rest in peace.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Milestone....

I just recently posted that Maddox had a loose tooth....I am happy to announce that HE'S OFFICIALLY A SNAGGLE-TOOTH! It was was pretty loose so after he brushed his teeth (and I washed my hands) I suggested he let me try to wiggle it. He wasn't so sure, but he trusts me so completely that he let me get my fingers in his mouth to try it. Being a lefty, I had "trouble" wiggling it with my right hand, so I tried with my left...lo and behold, it came right out! There was a lot of screaming and cheering and then he took his first look in the mirror. Maddox is not a fan of blood...he doesn't like to bleed and he doesn't like to see anyone else bleeding. Of course, when you lose a tooth, there is a little "bleed" and then the hole where the tooth just came from. He stood on his stool in the bathroom and just stared with a shocked look on his face. I was suggesting we start making phone calls (Jim was at the fire station) and he was silent. Finally, after a few minutes of only Brenda and myself talking, I asked Maddox, "Buddy, you haven't spoken in the last 3 minutes, are you ok?" His response, "I wasn't sure I could speak!"

We took pictures and called Daddy and Gram and then sent him to bed with his tooth pillow under his pillow. I asked him if wanted to request to the tooth fairy that she leave his tooth or take it with her. He strongly urged me to tell her to take it away because he thought it was pretty gross. The tooth fairy came in the night and left $5. When I woke him up for school in the morning I had forgotten that we needed to check the pillow. He didn't forget. As soon as his eyes opened he peeked under his pillow and was very pleased that the $5 bill had taken the place of the gross tooth. He even double-checked that the tooth gone!

His next dental check-up just happens to be next Monday...he'll have one less tooth to be cleaned!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My 6 year old

My first born turned 6 years old! I can't believe it! The morning before he announced that he had a loose tooth. I had been doing ok with him turning 6, but the loose tooth put me over the edge. Teeth falling out (ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic) is a real sign they are growing up!! Baby teeth mixed with snaggle-tooth adult teeth....well, that is like a flashing billboard to the rest of the world that he's not a little boy any more!! Also, on the day before his birthday he had his first soccer game of the season. He played goalie in the first part of the game and was very proud of himself for "defending his goal" one was able to score on him even though there were many attempts! Then, he was put out in the field and he SCORED!!!! GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! The tears were in my eyes, I tell ya! I was a proud mama as was Jim who was on the field as assistant coach! Jim, of course, picked him up and swung him around! You would have thought he had just scored the winning goal in the World Cup!! But no, it was the first game of the season of the
U6 YMCA Lightning Strikers!

Sunday morning, September 25, 2011, Maddox woke up and announced it was HIS BIRTHDAY! He had a his waffles for breakfast with a candle in it...just for kicks we (me, Emily, Alex, and Bebe) sang Happy Birthday. He opened his gifts from the family and then went to church. They sang to him at BLASt and he brought home a little "gift" from the Sugarloaf Kids staff. When we got home from church Gram and Grandad had arrived with lunch and we ate real fast and headed to Adventure Kids!

Maddox and his party guests had a lot of fun at Adventure Kids!!! They loved the big indoor sandbox and plasma car racing! We all got in on the racing even though Jim cheated a little :) It was a great day and Maddox was very pleased with the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it so special. A special shout out to Aunt Emily for slaving over the homemade cupcakes!!!!!