Monday, July 20, 2009

Maddox's New Digs

Maddox and Cooper received an early birthday gift from Bebe, a PLAYHOUSE! We finally got it over to our house yesterday afternoon (after Maddox worrying for several weeks while it sat in Bebe's driveway). We put Cooper down for a nap and Maddox and I went out in the backyard to play. We had a ball! He cooked me many "yummy" things to eat and I was even allowed to use my hands (because he was using the utensils)! He takes his housekeeping very seriously and made sure that everything was running smoothly! The house was in the shade the entire time we were outside so it was an extremely pleasant afternoon. I sat on the tiny seat while he served me food and just listened to his imagination go wild. I played along when I was required to do so, but really enjoyed so much having the one on one time with him to just listen. It is so interesting to hear his interpretation of life and his surroundings. He likes to play "daddy". Yesterday "daddy" took several showers, went to work, rode his motorcycle, and took a rest. Sound familiar???? Just a little more proof that Maddox is listening and watching every, watch what you say!!!

What does chicken do for you?

On the way to the park today to meet some friends we stopped to pick up a quick lunch. Maddox, who always comes up with some great questions, posed this one to me...

Maddox: "Mommy, what does chicken do for you?"
Me: "It gives you strong muscles"
Maddox: "What do french fries do for you?"
(I wanted to say, make you fat, but I thought better of it...that comment would for sure come back to bite me later)
Me: "Well, they just make you happy."
Maddox: "Great, I think I'll eat my french fries first!"

I tell you what...he keeps me entertained and on my toes!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Working...I Believe, I Believe!!

So, on Tuesday night we decided to let Cooper start "self-soothing" and began our torturous adventure of "crying it out"! Well, what do you worked! By last night, he was crying less than 5 minutes before he would fall asleep...and to top it off, Friday night he was ASLEEP before 7:00! WOO-HOO!! Our next challenge will be keeping him asleep through the entire steps, right? After we accomplish our sleep goal (or at least are well on our way) we will begin the process of weaning...yowza, that's the one I'm really dreading! If only Cooper would take a bottle/cup or eat some food I would feel much better about the process. We are just going to do our best. Talk to the experts, listen to the advice of friends who have been in similar situations, and go with our gut! Wish us luck (and keep us in your prayers!).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Sleep or Not to Sleep...

Today was day 1 of Sleep Training...I don't know who it was harder on, me or Cooper! I decided that it was time for him to start figuring out how to put himself to sleep so I jumped in with both feet. It was very difficult and if it weren't for my friends Jennifer and Wendy and Aunt Paige I would have gone nuts! I decided I would give him 3 hours to cry and if at that point he had not stopped I would re-evaluate the situation! He finally went to sleep after 2 hours and 21 mins of crying (but who is counting). It was so cute (and sad), he starting falling asleep hanging onto the crib rail in a squat position...I wanted to take his picture but after all of that time there was no way I was going to risk waking him up! I peeled his hand off the rail (which really made him mad) but was able to keep him laying down and patted his back for a few minutes and he went to the question remains, how long will he sleep? And what the heck do I do if he wakes up??? Agh, decisions, one ever said it would be easy being a mom. But, there is not a job on this Earth that I would rather be doing! I love being Cooper and Maddox's mom. There is nothing like it! Nothing compares to my two little guys.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Daddy & Cutting Corners

Maddox is forever cracking me up with what he says. He's not trying to be funny (all the time) but I think he's hysterical!

After watching Jim intently as he edged, used the weed eater, and cut the grass Maddox came in to report (and was happy to do so) that "Mommy, Daddy is really great at cutting corners!"...aka edging. We got a great laugh out of that one and decided that we wouldn't be putting that quote on The Garage Door Doctors website!

A few days later we were discussing the need for a skinny screw driver to open the back of a toy to replace some batteries. Maddox said, "Well, we'll wait for Daddy and then he can SCREW IT UP!"

Maddox often tells me that he has a job to do or that he has to work (sounds a lot like Daddy if you ask me!). We will discuss the days plans and he'll often tell me that he can play in the morning but has to be back because he has to work in the afternoon! Oh boy...he's a sponge and repeats so much of what he hears!! I try to encourage him not to work so relax and enjoy life as a 3 year old!