Monday, March 29, 2010

Now That is Dedication!

The boys and I went to Macon for a little Cherry Blossom Festival fun. We went to Central City Park where the boys rode some of the rides and then listened to ECHOSPEED (Ben's band) play on the Coca-Cola stage. I think of all the festival go-ers, Cooper had the most fun! He was thrilled that he, too, got to ride a couple of rides. He was so proud to go around and round!! He was not so thrilled about having to get off! He pointed and cried each time he was pried out of the seat. He quickly forgot how upset he was about the end of the rides when the band began to play! That baby DANCED!!!! He danced full out to EVERY SONG that they played! The last two he began to slow it down a little...he leaned against my leg to relax, but still shook his booty! Maddox, Alex, and Anna Kate put on a good dancing show, also! They had quite an audience to perform for...and as you know, the Alford children/grandchildren do like an audience!

When we went back to Mom and Dad's after the show we had dinner. We thought we had the boys all taken care of and could then sit and eat ourselves. Well, as always, a mother's/grandmother's work is never done! Alex had started eating his pizza but decided that he would do better to have it cut up like Maddox's....

Alex: Gram, please cut my pizza.
Gram: Ok (stops eating her own dinner, gets up to get fork/knife, back to the table to cut pizza)
Maddox: Wow! Now that's what I call dedication!!

The boys had a wonderful time together. Maddox and Alex had a great time playing together, running, and being loud!!! When Emily and Naomi arrived on Sunday to join in the fun I told her we had to figure out a way to make them get quiet so that Mom and Dad would be more willing to consider our proposal for CAMP ADAHI TRAIL (or A Doggie Trail as Maddox calls it) for the summer! The idea would be for Maddox and Alex to go spend a few nights with Gram and Grandad during the Summer and have a little special time with their grandparents!! Heeheehee!! I'm not so sure the grandparents are up for it!

It was a fun time. The boys really enjoyed themselves. They were both asleep (and slept the entire way home) before we even got to I-75. NICE!!!

My Funny Maddox

Baby Brother for Sale!

Maddox: Hey, I have a great idea! If we put Cooper for sale, we could sell him to Aunt Emily.
Me: Why would we do that?
Maddox: Well, then she could sell Nomi and we could buy her.
Me: So, you want to switch your brother for Alex's sister?
Maddox: OK!!!

Keeping it Clean...

Maddox: You know what's healthy? Cleaning out your nose!
Me: Yes, but you should use a tissue to do it, not your hands.
Maddox: Well, yes, but you know, a napkin hurts my nose. And I don't really like to use the paper that you wipe the poo poo of your bottom. Oops, sorry Mommy. Poop is a bathroom word. Is it ok if I say it in the car?


Maddox: Oooooouuuuch!
Daddy: What’s wrong buddy?
Maddox: My bottom is scratchy!
Daddy: Why is it scratchy?
Maddox: Cause a crab is biting my bottom!
Daddy: What!? How did you get a crab on your bottom?
Maddox: Well…Crawford went to the ocean real fast, got a crab & put it in my bottom!