Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning was a very fun time!! The boys were very excited (especially Mr. Maddox). We really enjoyed staying in town (although we did miss the Alford extended family) and not having to rush out the door to get to our next stop! What a great Christmas!!

Cookies for Santa!

For my child that doesn't like sweets, cookies, candy, he really loves to bake and decorate cookies!! Here's a glimpse at our baking that he and I did for Santa. Sugar cookies with LOTS of sprinkles!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maddox's Letter to Santa

Tis the Season for lots of Christmas Specials...we've been trying to watch them all (or at least record them so that we can watch them later). Maddox is very much into Christmas this's so fun to see everything through his eyes! Cooper, too, is enjoying the season. Although, I'm pretty sure that he thinks Christmas means hearing "no touch" and "hands off" ALL THE TIME! Cooper loves the lights and decorations...he's got lots to say "WOW"! about!

Last night, while watching the Phineas & Ferb Christmas Vacation, Maddox decided we should compose his letter to it is, word for word....

Dear Santa,
I've been good boy.
I want a Lightning McQueen Jumping Race Track.
I want another fire truck.
Yes, a Leapster.
A super duper gunno ship (when I asked him what this was he told me he wasn't sure but thought it would be cool)
And a rocket ship, that do's tricks.
And a robot that do's tricks even more!
And yes, that too, a Handy Manny Motorcycle.
And a Handy Manny toolbench.
And a super duper finger. (again, not sure what this one is)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just like Daddy!

Maddox loves to go to Catch Air because it has the miniature/kid-sized workout equipment. He loves to do some bench press, a little running on the treadmill, some work on the eliptical, and of course, the rowing machine! Man, I wish that I was the smarty pants who thought of this! AND, I wish they had these kind of indoor play places when I was a kid!

Big Boy Cooper!

When I Grow Up

Riding home from Catch Air I overheard an interesting conversation between two wise 4year olds, Maddox and his buddy, Dylan. They were discussing what they would be when they grew up…here’s how it went down.

Maddox: When I grow up, I’m going to fix garage doors.
Dylan: When I grow up, I’m going to be a Storm Trooper. A green one.
Maddox: Wow! That will be great!
Dylan: Yep, I’m going to save the world. Save the world from the droids.
Maddox: Dylan, after you save the world, I will call you and tell you thank you.
Dylan: Thanks.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coop blows his nose

Our little love bug is definitely monkey see, monkey do! During this cold season he has picked up on a new skill...he now blows his nose (kind of)!! So funny! I'm so blessed to have such entertaining children.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is Gas Made of Matches?

While pumping gas this evening Maddox tried to open his door (which is on the gas pump side and therefore unable to open since the van is smart enough to lock the door while the gas “door” is open). I shouted through the window for him to stop. When I got back in the car I told him that it was dangerous to try to open the door while I was pumping gas. Of course, he wanted to know why…I told him that if the door had slid open and knocked the gas nozzle out of the tank it could have sprayed and caused a fire (a bit of a stretch, but I was trying to make a point). He asked why again…so, I said well, it’s flammable and makes it dangerous. His response….what, is gas made of matches? Ohhh man!!!! Good grief!!!!

Date Night

Jim and I had a date! Woo hoo! That was one nice thing about turning 31…HIBACHI for dinner! Yumm-o, my favorite! Bebe stayed at home with the boys and we were able to enjoy the evening just the two of us, a rare treat for us. When we got home Cooper was fast asleep and Maddox was awake and waiting for us. Jim had been working his tail off for the past couple of days and not seen much of the boys. When he walked through the door Maddox jumped on him…they were both ready to wrestle! Jim shed his button down shirt and jeans so Maddox felt the need to do the same…he quickly got out of his footie pjs and was ready to wrestle! He got in “fight position” and exclaimed “FIGHT” right before charging into Jim (this comes from the boxing game on the Wii)! In the middle of them rolling around on the floor Maddox yelled, MOMMY, GO GET YOUR CAMERA! It was so funny!! Unfortunately, I didn’t…I was laughing too hard!

A couple of funnies from my boy...

I have been really bad at keeping up with this thing...I found some "notes" I'd made of a couple of funny conversations I've had with Maddox. What a funny little dude (and a such a BOY)!


Me: Did you push Emma today?
Maddox: Yes.
Me: Why?
Maddox: We were playing the Alligator Game. She was going to take me down. So, I just took her down.
Me: Did you say you were sorry?
Maddox: Yes. It was just a game though.


Maddox: Did you just hear something that sounded like pfffffft?
Me: Yes, I think so?
Maddox: Do you think something just blew out of my bottom?
Me: Probably.