Monday, January 25, 2010

Cooper's New 'Do

It’s amazing to me how different Cooper and Maddox are, yet they are alike in so many ways. Today I took Cooper to get his hair cut. Now, as you know, Maddox had a terrible time with haircuts…he would go ballistic screaming, crying, kicking, drooling…I would have to hold him down and act like a straight jacket (which only made it worse). By the end of the haircut, everyone involved would be sweating and exhausted! Cooper, on the other hand, sat in the chair all by himself and chomped on a lollipop and watched a Little Einsteins DVD. He never made a peep! I think he really likes the vibration of the clippers…it chills him out! He was a hoot!!! He had a blue beard from lollipop drool and then hair stuck in the drool! So funny! Maddox went with us and asked the stylist to be “real careful not to hurt him” and then he went back and forth from the play area and back to check on Cooper. He, too, was very impressed that Cooper was being “so brave”. I told Maddox that Cooper has been able to see Maddox act brave during his haircuts so now he knows that he doesn’t have to be afraid. Maddox was real proud of that!!
I’m so proud of both of my boys. They really do light up my life! Maddox and Cooper, I love you both so much! Thanks for making me the luckiest Mommy ever!!!

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