Monday, March 29, 2010

My Funny Maddox

Baby Brother for Sale!

Maddox: Hey, I have a great idea! If we put Cooper for sale, we could sell him to Aunt Emily.
Me: Why would we do that?
Maddox: Well, then she could sell Nomi and we could buy her.
Me: So, you want to switch your brother for Alex's sister?
Maddox: OK!!!

Keeping it Clean...

Maddox: You know what's healthy? Cleaning out your nose!
Me: Yes, but you should use a tissue to do it, not your hands.
Maddox: Well, yes, but you know, a napkin hurts my nose. And I don't really like to use the paper that you wipe the poo poo of your bottom. Oops, sorry Mommy. Poop is a bathroom word. Is it ok if I say it in the car?


Maddox: Oooooouuuuch!
Daddy: What’s wrong buddy?
Maddox: My bottom is scratchy!
Daddy: Why is it scratchy?
Maddox: Cause a crab is biting my bottom!
Daddy: What!? How did you get a crab on your bottom?
Maddox: Well…Crawford went to the ocean real fast, got a crab & put it in my bottom!

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