Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Date Night

Jim and I had a date! Woo hoo! That was one nice thing about turning 31…HIBACHI for dinner! Yumm-o, my favorite! Bebe stayed at home with the boys and we were able to enjoy the evening just the two of us, a rare treat for us. When we got home Cooper was fast asleep and Maddox was awake and waiting for us. Jim had been working his tail off for the past couple of days and not seen much of the boys. When he walked through the door Maddox jumped on him…they were both ready to wrestle! Jim shed his button down shirt and jeans so Maddox felt the need to do the same…he quickly got out of his footie pjs and was ready to wrestle! He got in “fight position” and exclaimed “FIGHT” right before charging into Jim (this comes from the boxing game on the Wii)! In the middle of them rolling around on the floor Maddox yelled, MOMMY, GO GET YOUR CAMERA! It was so funny!! Unfortunately, I didn’t…I was laughing too hard!

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