Saturday, December 12, 2009

Maddox's Letter to Santa

Tis the Season for lots of Christmas Specials...we've been trying to watch them all (or at least record them so that we can watch them later). Maddox is very much into Christmas this's so fun to see everything through his eyes! Cooper, too, is enjoying the season. Although, I'm pretty sure that he thinks Christmas means hearing "no touch" and "hands off" ALL THE TIME! Cooper loves the lights and decorations...he's got lots to say "WOW"! about!

Last night, while watching the Phineas & Ferb Christmas Vacation, Maddox decided we should compose his letter to it is, word for word....

Dear Santa,
I've been good boy.
I want a Lightning McQueen Jumping Race Track.
I want another fire truck.
Yes, a Leapster.
A super duper gunno ship (when I asked him what this was he told me he wasn't sure but thought it would be cool)
And a rocket ship, that do's tricks.
And a robot that do's tricks even more!
And yes, that too, a Handy Manny Motorcycle.
And a Handy Manny toolbench.
And a super duper finger. (again, not sure what this one is)

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