Saturday, June 12, 2010

And So It Begins....

A conversation between Maddox and me this evening…

Maddox: Mommy, who is your favorite? Me or Cooper.

Mommy: You are both my favorite. You’re my favorite guys!

Maddox: That wasn’t a choice. And besides, you know Cooper is the naughty one.

Me: Well, I love you both very much. If I was to ask you who is your favorite, Mommy or
Daddy, wouldn’t it be hard.

Maddox: Well, it’s Daddy.

Mommy: WHAT??

Maddox: Well Mommy, you know how much I love that he got me that gun (a foam dart gun at Walgreens a year or more ago).

Mommy: Wow. I just got you ice cream tonight.

Maddox: Oh yeah, that’s right. OK, you are my favorite. I was just joking. ACTUALLY, you are BOTH my favorite.

Mommy: See! That’s how I feel about you and Cooper. I love you both so much I could never say who my favorite is!!!

Maddox: Ooooohhhh, OK.

I didn’t realize it would happen so soon! I didn’t know that I would be faced with these questions at the tender age of 4.5! I’m not exactly sure where this came from. There was not any sibling rivalry going on. Both guys were happy and getting what they wanted. It really threw me off!!! I remember having these thoughts when I was a kid. Maybe it was my middle child status. Maybe it was just my personality. Who knows! I could change from day to day on KNOWING who the favorite was of my parents’!!! It was only as I grew up that I really KNEW that I was the favorite for sure! Hahahaha! Just kidding, Ben and Emily :) . Now, as a parent I understand. You love your kids the same, but differently! Of course, right now in my life, I have a witty 4 year old and an on-the-verge-of-a-tantrum almost 2 year old. But I love them just the same! Maddox is quick to tell a joke (or his version of one) or to go into a long drawn out story from his extremely active imagination. Cooper is my man of few words (which is often a treat to have a little silence) but he is so quick to flash a big ol’ grin, give a tight squeeze or a big smoochie kiss. They both have their strengths and I love them for who they are! They are so much fun, they are exhausting, they keep me thinking, they keep me on my toes. I am just head over heels in love with them both. Thanks Jim for making me the mommy of these two amazing little men!


  1. Justin and I pick our favorites ever so often! seriously. I'll say, "Anna was my favorite today" and he'll say, "nope, not me, Brice was mine!". And then the next day it changes. Sometimes we have the same favorite and sometimes we don't! But, Erin, I know for sure you were your parents' fav!!! ;)