Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Streaker

We went to the pool late this morning since i thought it might rain this afternoon after nap time. Maddox did AWESOME swimming without his swim vest and is a jumping maniac off the side! He does these crazy running starts and then a wild pose mid-air before splash down. He's 1000 times braver today than he was 2 weeks ago. I look forward to see what progress he makes between now and the end of the summer. Cooper loves the water, too. He's "jumping" off the side as well but I'm trying very hard to make sure his head doesn't go under. He loves splashing around and paddles and kicks best he can with the swim vest AND swimmies on his arms! We had been there about an hour when Cooper started to get grouchy. It was lunchtime and awfully close to nap time...these two events are not to be messed with so I knew it was time to start packing up. Maddox did well with his "one last jump" warning and came out of the pool happy and with a good attitude (makes life so much easier that way). We rode him in wet swimsuits since we were just at the neighborhood pool. Maddox would prefer I bring "dry clothes" to change into, but he got over the fact that he would ride home in his bathing suit and was happy to sit in the back seat with his towel. We pulled into the driveway and I didn't see any flags up on the mailboxes on our street so I decided to run and check the mail. I got out of the van and opened the sliding doors with the remote as I was walking by to the mailbox. I was back the van a few seconds later to get Cooper out and saw out of the corner of my eye Maddox's bare bottom run into the garage! I called him back out of the garage and asked him where his swimsuit was. He said in the backseat with his red one from yesterday!!!!! Somehow, in the two minute ride from the pool to our house, he was able to get out of his bathing suit!! I must say I was impressed. He brought both of his suits in and suggested he just have lunch in the buff, but I vetoed that idea and he is now dressed in proper dining attire. What a goose!

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