Monday, June 27, 2011

Tom Cat and Cooper

Cooper, my fancy dresser on the way to church (too bad he didn't make it all the way to church with his bow tie on....

Cooper is a funny little dude in his own way. He's not easily understood by the public, but I know what he's saying!! Sunday morning we discovered the "Tom the Talking Cat" app on my phone. He loves it!!!! If you don't know about the app, it's a cat that repeats whatever you say to it in a slightly higher pitched voice. Cooper kept saying, "Hey Kitty, Kitty, Guess what?" and of course, kitty would repeat it back just as he said it...the funny part was that everytime the cat would say "guess what?", Cooper would answer, "WHAT?" It was almost as if he'd forgotten the game and that the cat was repeating his words. So funny to watch him!!!

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