Monday, July 4, 2011

Maddox & Mommy Date Night

Friday afternoon my mom was leaving our house to go back to Macon and Cooper began to cry, whine, and beg to go home with her. Actually, to be completely accurate, he was wanting to go home with "him"! Surrounded by boys, I guess he assumes everyone is a "him". So, after consulting with Maddox (who said it was fine to take Cooper home with her), Gram and Cooper drove off into the Friday afternoon traffic!

I told Maddox that since Daddy was at the fire station he and I could go have a date! Anything he wanted, I said...he chose to go bowling at Stars and Strikes! We had a ball!!!! We both decided that we are much better at Wii bowling than real bowling! Maddox had bumpers (and I wish I had programmed them to come up on my turn as well!), a 6lb ball, and some awesome bowling shoes (he loved how slick they were and then, of course, the fantastic tapping sounds they made on the wood floor). He had a very unique, but great style...there was a lot of running and then he'd stop right at the foul line and basically drop the ball complete with ending pose and the ball would eventually make it to the the pins! He got several spares and was very proud of himself. When his name would flash on the monitor to signal his turn he would often turn to me and say, "Watch and learn, my friend" or "want to see how the real master does it?". He doesn't lack confidence, that's for sure! After bowling two games we went to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart for two quick shopping trips. He was in heaven in the toy aisles shopping at his own pace! If you have ever been shopping with Maddox, he's very serious when choosing a treat. He needs to look at everything and the go back to his favorites! He didn't have to hurry because of Cooper and we were not on any type of schedule. It was great! He ended up choosing a WWE championship belt....hilarious! We were hungry after all of our adventures and he chose Waffle House for dinner. Because we went at 5:15 on a Friday evening, we had the entire establishment to ourselves. We sat up at the bar and enjoyed our dinner! He got special treatment from the cook and the the servers. He loved it! Unfortunately, on our way home from dinner he got sick in the car so we ended our date night snuggled in the bed watching a movie. All in all, it was a great night! I think we are both ready to do it again!

Ready to bowl!!!


Come on, come on!!!!

Loving the pose!

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