Friday, December 30, 2011

Zoomie, our little yard dog

We said goodbye to our little yard dog, Zoomie. She died of unknown causes but we can only assume that she ingested something....there were no signs of injury or trauma to her dog body. You may remember, Maddox received Zoomie as an early Christmas present last year (2010). He asked for a puppy and a baby sister for we added Zoomie to the family. We had lots of fun with her, but I think Buddy will miss her the most! She came to us as an "outside" dog and she stayed that way with us for the past year. Every once in a while she would venture inside and most of the time just run laps. There were also occasions where she would come in to rest or sleep real close to our feet.

We told Maddox about Zoom's passing this afternoon right before he was on the way out to do some fun stuff with Daddy. He was shocked, but seemed to handle the news quite well. When he and Jim returned from their errands, the two of them set out to choose a good place for a grave site. Maddox helped Jim dig and asked lots of questions through the process. Jim prepared Zoomie for burial (while Maddox and Cooper stayed safely inside with me) and we all gathered at her grave for a small memorial service.

Jim started the service with a prayer and thanked God for our time with Zoomie. Cooper passed on saying anything at the time. I told her that I was thankful that she was a part of our family and that she was our first puppy we got as a family of 4. I could hear Maddox sniffling and feel his hand shake as I held it. It was his turn.....he said, "Dear God, thank you for bringing Zoomie into my life. She was the best dog I've ever known" and then he burst into tears....and of course, so did I!

Maddox and I headed inside to grieve and Jim (with Cooper by his side) stayed to put the final touches on the burial site. A few minutes later Cooper came running in and was crying hard and said "Zoomie dead!" We all three hugged and cried and talked about how we would miss Zoom. Cooper regained his composure and went back out with Jim.

When Jim came back in he told me that Cooper had told him that he needed to tell Zoomie a secret. When Jim asked Cooper what it was, he said "God said, Come Zoomie, Come and Zoomie did" God called Zoomie and she was obedient.

While the boys were in the bath tonight I heard Maddox explaining to Cooper that Zoomie was still dead but God would give her a new body in Heaven. Broke my heart, but at the same time made me so proud! I am always impressed with how much they actually listen and understand. Of course, on 3 and 6 year old levels, but understanding none the least!

The loss of a pet feels a lot like the loss of a close friend. We keep thinking we'll see that little pink nose at the back door...we miss you Zoomie. May you rest in peace.


  1. oh Erin! This was just so sweet and sad, but very sweet! We lost our Maggie just a few months ago and I know how hard it can be. Your boys are so smart too! Praying for all of you during this time.

  2. Poor Zoomie. I hope she did pass quickly. Tell Maddox and Cooper that I am proud of them too and the way they handled it. Zoomie is having so much fun in Heaven right now with her new body!