Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Milestone....

I just recently posted that Maddox had a loose tooth....I am happy to announce that HE'S OFFICIALLY A SNAGGLE-TOOTH! It was was pretty loose so after he brushed his teeth (and I washed my hands) I suggested he let me try to wiggle it. He wasn't so sure, but he trusts me so completely that he let me get my fingers in his mouth to try it. Being a lefty, I had "trouble" wiggling it with my right hand, so I tried with my left...lo and behold, it came right out! There was a lot of screaming and cheering and then he took his first look in the mirror. Maddox is not a fan of blood...he doesn't like to bleed and he doesn't like to see anyone else bleeding. Of course, when you lose a tooth, there is a little "bleed" and then the hole where the tooth just came from. He stood on his stool in the bathroom and just stared with a shocked look on his face. I was suggesting we start making phone calls (Jim was at the fire station) and he was silent. Finally, after a few minutes of only Brenda and myself talking, I asked Maddox, "Buddy, you haven't spoken in the last 3 minutes, are you ok?" His response, "I wasn't sure I could speak!"

We took pictures and called Daddy and Gram and then sent him to bed with his tooth pillow under his pillow. I asked him if wanted to request to the tooth fairy that she leave his tooth or take it with her. He strongly urged me to tell her to take it away because he thought it was pretty gross. The tooth fairy came in the night and left $5. When I woke him up for school in the morning I had forgotten that we needed to check the pillow. He didn't forget. As soon as his eyes opened he peeked under his pillow and was very pleased that the $5 bill had taken the place of the gross tooth. He even double-checked that the tooth gone!

His next dental check-up just happens to be next Monday...he'll have one less tooth to be cleaned!

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  1. Our fairy takes the tooth too,only they somehow end up back in Justin's possession! Gross!