Monday, June 22, 2009

Water Babies!

Both Cooper & Maddox love the water! Very convenient since we have had record highs the past few days!! Maddox loves to "swim" around with his swim vest and has gotten the nerve up here recently to jump in and go under!! This is a huge deal because before now he would insist that someone catch him so his head did not go under water. We worked very hard last year with trying to teach him to hold his breath...not as easy as I would have thought! It's also tricky to hold your breath when you are grinning from ear to ear while paddling around!!! Cooper loves to float around in his boat and takes in the sights and sounds of the pool. He enjoys the occasional chlorine lick and is happy to splash and squeal until he gets pruney!! I brought home an inflatable pool the other day (green, no less, so I was really the hero to Maddox). I spent 30 minutes blowing the darn thing up, then filled it with water, got the boys in their swimsuits, took towels, toys, and a chair and we set out for some splash time. About the time we got out, the sun went behind the clouds and a very cool pleasant breeze began to blow. Maddox stepped in the pool and decided pretty quickly that it was way too cold to play in. Cooper, on the other hand, did not let the cold get to him (and was very appreciative of all I'd done to make the pool date happen). He sat and splashed (while taking very shallow breaths for the first few minutes) and played and had a ball!!!! Here's a couple of pictures of the cutie patootie!

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