Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Big Boy

Cooper is growing up before our eyes...he's changing so much everyday! In the last week and a half he has figured out how to push himself up to a sitting position from laying down, he's gotten up on his knees to crawl (instead of his commando crawl), and he's pulling up! Just when you think you are safe...

Cooper loves riding the fire trucks around the house. He follows Maddox and tries to keep up with him the best that he can. He hasn't quite figured out how to turn just yet (although I'm sure Maddox will teach him the "spin out" sooner than later). Maddox is a great helper...his "job" is to pull Cooper and the fire truck back across the room so that he can push himself across once again. It works well for everyone! Maddox loves his role as big brother, Cooper enjoys the ride, and I can just watch!!!!

It's so cool to see them playing with each other and interacting with each other...on purpose! One of Cooper's favorite places to go is to the basment with Maddox! He is in awe of all the toys that live down there...he squeals with delight when I open the basement door!! His favorite activity is to crawl up the roller coaster ramp (preferably if Maddox is trying to come down). I see that they genuinely love each other...I know that they may become irritated with each other in the future, but I pray the love sees them through it all!!

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