Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Career Change for Daddy?

Maddox is a constant source of entertainment for me...On Wednesday, Jim was on shift. Maddox, Cooper, & I had gone to a movie that morning and went by the station to take Jim and some of his crew members lunch. We got to the station and both the engine and the med unit (which Jim was on) were out. Jim sent me a text saying that he may be a while because they were transporting their patient to Emory Johns Creek. After Maddox & I finished our lunch I told him that we probably should leave because Daddy might be a while before he got back to the station. I explained that Daddy had taken someone to the hospital where Bebe had been when she was sick. Of course, he immediately asked if Daddy was sick! I explained (again) that Daddy had taken a patient who needed more help to the hospital in the ambulance to which Maddox replied (with a bit of sarcasm/attitude)..."What, is Daddy a doctor now?" I thought I would wet my pants from laughing!!! Where does he come up with this stuff!!

We decided to go visit Miss Jaynie at the office before going home (since we were in the area). Maddox got to experience something new while we were there! The mailman came to deliver the mail and he let Maddox take a look around in the mail truck and sit in the driver's seat! He was most impressed with the horn, which he "bonked" several times!!! When it was time for the mailman to get back to work, Maddox called out to him and said, "Just bonk your horn if you need someone to move, and BE CAREFUL!" What a sweetheart.

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