Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Sleep or Not to Sleep...

Today was day 1 of Sleep Training...I don't know who it was harder on, me or Cooper! I decided that it was time for him to start figuring out how to put himself to sleep so I jumped in with both feet. It was very difficult and if it weren't for my friends Jennifer and Wendy and Aunt Paige I would have gone nuts! I decided I would give him 3 hours to cry and if at that point he had not stopped I would re-evaluate the situation! He finally went to sleep after 2 hours and 21 mins of crying (but who is counting). It was so cute (and sad), he starting falling asleep hanging onto the crib rail in a squat position...I wanted to take his picture but after all of that time there was no way I was going to risk waking him up! I peeled his hand off the rail (which really made him mad) but was able to keep him laying down and patted his back for a few minutes and he went to sleep...now the question remains, how long will he sleep? And what the heck do I do if he wakes up??? Agh, decisions, decisions...no one ever said it would be easy being a mom. But, there is not a job on this Earth that I would rather be doing! I love being Cooper and Maddox's mom. There is nothing like it! Nothing compares to my two little guys.

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