Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Working...I Believe, I Believe!!

So, on Tuesday night we decided to let Cooper start "self-soothing" and began our torturous adventure of "crying it out"! Well, what do you worked! By last night, he was crying less than 5 minutes before he would fall asleep...and to top it off, Friday night he was ASLEEP before 7:00! WOO-HOO!! Our next challenge will be keeping him asleep through the entire steps, right? After we accomplish our sleep goal (or at least are well on our way) we will begin the process of weaning...yowza, that's the one I'm really dreading! If only Cooper would take a bottle/cup or eat some food I would feel much better about the process. We are just going to do our best. Talk to the experts, listen to the advice of friends who have been in similar situations, and go with our gut! Wish us luck (and keep us in your prayers!).

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