Monday, July 20, 2009

Maddox's New Digs

Maddox and Cooper received an early birthday gift from Bebe, a PLAYHOUSE! We finally got it over to our house yesterday afternoon (after Maddox worrying for several weeks while it sat in Bebe's driveway). We put Cooper down for a nap and Maddox and I went out in the backyard to play. We had a ball! He cooked me many "yummy" things to eat and I was even allowed to use my hands (because he was using the utensils)! He takes his housekeeping very seriously and made sure that everything was running smoothly! The house was in the shade the entire time we were outside so it was an extremely pleasant afternoon. I sat on the tiny seat while he served me food and just listened to his imagination go wild. I played along when I was required to do so, but really enjoyed so much having the one on one time with him to just listen. It is so interesting to hear his interpretation of life and his surroundings. He likes to play "daddy". Yesterday "daddy" took several showers, went to work, rode his motorcycle, and took a rest. Sound familiar???? Just a little more proof that Maddox is listening and watching every, watch what you say!!!

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