Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My 6 year old

My first born turned 6 years old! I can't believe it! The morning before he announced that he had a loose tooth. I had been doing ok with him turning 6, but the loose tooth put me over the edge. Teeth falling out (ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic) is a real sign they are growing up!! Baby teeth mixed with snaggle-tooth adult teeth....well, that is like a flashing billboard to the rest of the world that he's not a little boy any more!! Also, on the day before his birthday he had his first soccer game of the season. He played goalie in the first part of the game and was very proud of himself for "defending his goal"...no one was able to score on him even though there were many attempts! Then, he was put out in the field and he SCORED!!!! GOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! The tears were in my eyes, I tell ya! I was a proud mama as was Jim who was on the field as assistant coach! Jim, of course, picked him up and swung him around! You would have thought he had just scored the winning goal in the World Cup!! But no, it was the first game of the season of the
U6 YMCA Lightning Strikers!

Sunday morning, September 25, 2011, Maddox woke up and announced it was HIS BIRTHDAY! He had a his waffles for breakfast with a candle in it...just for kicks we (me, Emily, Alex, and Bebe) sang Happy Birthday. He opened his gifts from the family and then went to church. They sang to him at BLASt and he brought home a little "gift" from the Sugarloaf Kids staff. When we got home from church Gram and Grandad had arrived with lunch and we ate real fast and headed to Adventure Kids!

Maddox and his party guests had a lot of fun at Adventure Kids!!! They loved the big indoor sandbox and plasma car racing! We all got in on the racing even though Jim cheated a little :) It was a great day and Maddox was very pleased with the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it so special. A special shout out to Aunt Emily for slaving over the homemade cupcakes!!!!!

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