Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About to Flip My Biscuit!

Today has been a tough one...not a lot of sleep last night, a very rainy, yucky day, and Jim has been gone for over 36 hours...all this makes for a very grouchy mommy!!! My patience has been tested today that's for sure. Today I was sending a fax for was 25 pages and our fax machine is super slow!! Maddox was helping me by "catching the paper" as it went through the machine. I had gotten about halfway through the transmission when Maddox hit CANCEL!!!! It was incredibly frustrating...I had to start over. But when I think I'm about to lose my mind, my sweet baby boys remind me why life is so darn good....while the boys were playing in the bath tonight, Maddox leaned over and said very quietly to Cooper while looking at him square in the eyes..."Cooper Dooper, I LOVE YOU!" Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for constantly showing me how good I've got it!! I have two healthy, happy children who are so loved....and they love their mom & dad and each other!!!! When I put Maddox to bed tonight (super early, I must admit) we snuggled close while we read his favorite Curious George book. When we were finished with the story we said his prayers. Usually, we just hold hands and I say the prayer and he follows along with me (especially when we start the "blessing of our family"). Tonight, he must have known that I needed a little extra love...right before we started praying, he climbed in my lap and put his head on my shoulder. Such a small little thing, but it meant so much to me. I gave him an extra squeeze and lots of kisses before I told him goodnight. It's these moments that I know that I am definitely living my dream. I have found that in my sleepless, foggy brain I sometimes forget how incredibly blessed I am...but I'm lucky, I've got two wonderful constant reminders.

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