Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well, That Was Embarassing!

Monkey Joe’s is a wonderful place (apart from it’s ability to make a perfectly healthy child come down with a fever within 3 days of visiting) to jump, play, and get a lot of 3 yr old energy out!!! Last week we went TWICE! WHOA (which may explain Maddox’s fever and runny nose/eyes today)! We went on a rainy afternoon with some friends from the neighborhood. I had been sitting talking to Heather and Laura for a little while when Cooper started to get restless. We took a little walk around to see what Maddox was up to…we came to the bottom of the slide just as he came barreling down…head over feet!! When he got to the bottom (and I knew that he was ok) I cheered for him and told him good job! He replied, “well, that was embarrassing!” And then as he was climbing off he said, “That wasn’t supposed to happen!” Even tumbling down the tallest slide in the place didn’t stop him from climbing back up as fast as he could go!!! However, he was careful to slide down feet first for the rest of the visit!!

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