Saturday, May 29, 2010

He must take after his father...

My sweet little Cooper is closing in on his two year birthday. He's such a sweet little guy with a BIG personality, but every once in a while his emotions take over and he has a hard time reigning them back in (I mean, he's an Alford/McArthur, isn't he?). The other day he was just having one of those moments where he was frustrated because he wasn't getting what he wanted with his loud, high-pitched screeches. So, what does any almost 2 year old do? He pitched a tantrum that could have won an award (if there was such a thing)! In the middle of it, Maddox walked over to me and we watched together as Cooper kicked and screamed and rolled around in the floor. Maddox very calmly stated, "ughhh, I think he takes after his fodder." Then he calmly walked away. He just made his observation and left me to deal with the remainder of the tantrum! Thankfully, Cooper recovered quickly and was back to his happy self in no time at all!

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