Monday, May 10, 2010

Bogan Park!

We finally did it! We went to Bogan Park!!! The trip to Bogan Park was Maddox's prize for finishing swim lessons. He was pumped! The "guys" had gone one day during Spring Break and he'd been hearing all about it. He couldn't wait to see it with his own eyes!! We went on a Thursday afternoon after the guys got home from school. We had a crowd...Bebe, Jim, myself, Maddox, Cooper, Maxwell, Holden and Lucas. They all had a blast and swam themselves silly. Maddox and Cooper both were exhausted after 2 hours in the pool. It really makes me look forward to the summer when we can go to the pool every day (if we choose) and really wear them out!! I was proud of Maddox for working on his swimming. After he warmed up to the idea he didn't stop!!! He was "swimming" all over the place! Cooper did his best to keep up with the big guys, too! He's fearless and would walk on his tippy toes into the deeper water until he could no longer touch and his life jacket would flip him to his back....he'd just lay there and float and wait for someone to come get him (which would be half a second since someone was always right with him). After swimming in the fun pool, Maddox and the Teillon boys went to the larger pool and jumped off the diving board! This was no was probably a 4 rung ladder that they climbed to get to the board. After watching the guys jump first Maddox was ready to do it! Jim jumped in first and waited for him in the water....Maddox started from the end of the board and took off RUNNING!!!! Jim told him to stop at the end and then he did a bounce and JUMPED IN! Jim let him go under and get himself back above water and then helped him to the side....Jim reported that as soon as his head broke the surface of the water he was already asking to do it again!!! Unfortunately, the pool was closing for swim lessons so he wasn't able to do it agian. Of course, Cooper was broken hearted that he wasn't allowed to jump off the diving board and was really ticked that we packed our stuff to leave. A fun time was had by all!!! Looking forward to going again!! Thanks Bebe!!!!

Maddox SWIMMING!!!!

The kid-sized slide!!

My sweet water baby!

Daddy and Maddox float around the lazy river!

Bebe and some of her guys!

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