Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Graduate--from swim lessons...

Crank up the Pomp and Circumstance (that's that graduation song, right?)!! Maddox graduated from the PS2 level swim class! IF we were to go another session, he has been promoted to the PS3 class! However, it would take a lot of bribing to get him to go another session right away. He has enjoyed the last few classes, but has also been counting down the classes until the completion of the program! Yesterday, Jim and I were able to see him jump in from the side of the pool and SWIM the length of the little square pool!!!! We were so proud!!!! I sent him a text later in the afternoon that I was BEAMING!! I cannot believe how well he did!!! It has been an amazing transformation! So, still a very proud Mama!

In other news, Cooper is loving life!! He does let his almost 2 year old attitude out a bit more these days, but that's all part of the fun! He has a HUGE personality, much like his big brother! He's trying hard to say more words (in a way that the rest of the family can understand) and is amazing with his physical ability. He loves to RUN, climb, swing, jump, dance, and play! He loves spending time in the backyard with Maddox playing in the sandbox and jumping on the trampoline. He's a REALLY good trampoliner (nice word, huh?). He can jump pretty high for a kid who is not quite 2! It's so fun to watch the two of them together...every day they can do more and more TOGETHER! Maddox likes to take Cooper to the basement to play and insists that he can watch out for him. They do surprisingly well together in the basement. I assume that there is enough to do that they don't have to share if they don't want to. I look forward to the day where they are actually playing together. For now, being happy in the same room is fantastic!!! I'll take it!! They are good kids and I'm so proud to be their Mommy.

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