Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, I'm very pleased that the boys will play together in the basement. It's wonderful to be able to let them go down there with all of their toys and have fun TOGETHER! Maddox often requests that I let him be in charge and "watch Cooper". He told me once that "anything happens to Cooper, I'll handle it!" He's dying to be in charge and to be the BOSS!

This morning as I'm putting dishes away, checking bank balances, etc (aka "my work" according to Maddox) I hear some loud noises coming from the basement. I recognize the sounds as the tools on the play tool bench. That's the only place they are supposed to hammer and they also enjoy using the pretend electric drill, circular saw and drill press. The noise doesn't bother me...it's when it gets quiet that I get a little nervous. I feel like I have a tuned ear when it comes to the noises they make...I know what squeals and screaches are happy, sad, or just trying to annoy the other. I know how to read the tone of Maddox's voice when he says Cooper, C-O-O-P-E-R, or COOOOOPER! I'm usually spot on and can usually tell what they are playing or doing just by listening to them. So today, after the quiet AFTER the storm of tool sounds, I thought it would be interesting to take the camera down and take a picture of the first thing I saw....and here it is! After I took the picture, Maddox gave me a sideways smile and shrugged his shoulders and said...."Surprise?"

Don't you always practice your swimming in the basement?

Cooper's Collection ended up on the train table...

Maddox had his stuff spread all around him!

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