Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Grown Up...

Today marks the beginning of some big events for is promotion Sunday at church and he will be officially inducted into the B.L.A.S.t program at Sugarloaf UMC. He will go to the assembly with the school aged kids instead of to the nursery/preschool building. This is exciting to him because he will now be in the same assembly as some of "the guys". For the past 6 months, the Pre-K class has been going to the BLAST building for the singing/praise & worship time and then slips out early before the classes dismiss to their scheduled activites. Maddox was always proud to announce which "guy" he saw in there! Now, he'll stay the full hour and get to experience the wild & crazy fun workshops that the guys have been telling him about :)

Tuesday, we will ride HIS school bus to the Kindergarten Trek/Open House. I got a call last week from his teacher, Ms. Sarno. She "sounds" young, fun, and cute! Maddox appreciates all of these qualities in his favorite women so I hope she will be a good fit! It's MY hope that she will strict, but loving, and firm, but gentle. Jim has already asked what he thinks we need to do to get Ms. Sarno to like Maddox and get him "special treatment". I told him, I think he will get her attention with his big personality and his dazzling charm. I, do however, intend to find out how I may be of service to her in volunteering in the class or around the school where I can :) We also got a call from Mr. Rich, Maddox's bus driver. Maddox has been assigned to Seat 4 for the year which is also the seat his buddy Ryan has been assigned to. He is really looking forward to riding the bus!! Other parents have told me that Mr. Rich is nice and keeps a very close eye on the kids, especially the Kindergarteners....good. I'm going to do my best NOT to follow the bus to school....but I'm not making any promises ;).

Thursday is the official first day of school! Part of me wants a little more time....another part is ready already!!!!! The build-up is killing me!!!!!! The anxiety (for me) of the unknown is so hard! I never loved the first days of school....I'm trying not to pass on my anxiety to Maddox, although, I can tell by his questions he's thinking about it a lot! I've been very proud of myself for keeping it positive when we discuss school....telling him he's going to love it, no one will let him get lost (oooohhhh, makes my stomach churn), all the teachers will be nice, he'll see lots of friends from the neighborhood, and I'll come have lunch with him when on special occasions! We are BOTH going to make it....I am confident (or at least that's what I keep telling myself).

When I think of Maddox in my mind, he's supposed to look like these reality, he's pushing 6 YEARS OLD and maturing more and more each day!! I have decided to let him grow up, but he'll always be my baby.....

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