Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cooper's 3 yr check up

Cooper had his 3 year well check-up today and he did great! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful pediatrician and practice so close to us. Dr. Cox is the boys' primary doctor. He's fabulous. Cooper had his appt at 9:10 this morning....of course, on the day he decided to sleep in! I had to wake him up at 8:30 so we could get out of the house at 9:00! When I woke him, I told him he needed to get dressed because we were going to see Dr. Cox. His reply, "oh wow, that's exciting!" What a sweet little guy....I don't think he actually thought it was amazing, but how wonderful to mention a doctor's name and not have him freak out! He talked about "Dr. Crocs" all through breakfast and how he was going to see him and invite him to his school. Not sure what brought on the school visit (especially since he's not even been to school yet) but we went with it!

He was a perfect patient and charmed all of the nurses and, of course, Dr. Cox. He immediately told the nurse that he had a motorcycle and that Daddy crashed and had to go to ambulance doctor. She was properly impressed and sympathetic and then went on with her portion of the exam. He was very cute balancing on the big kid scale and standing against the wall to be measured. He "guess what"-ed the nurse to death telling her all he knew and anything else that just popped into his mind. He passed his vision screen without a problem, his blood pressure was good, he drew a circle on a piece of paper, and knew his name and that he was a boy, and then could identify a house, apple, circle and square (which he says with a hilarious southern accent). He was especially proud to strip down to his undies and show off (definitely a trait of the McArthur males)!

Dr. Cox gave him a clean bill of health and told us to come back in a year. Today was our lucky day....no shots! He (and I) got the flu mist and he was a great sport during that, too! He was very appreciative of his cherry flavored "pop" at the check out counter and off we went! All before 10am!

Cooper's stats:
Weight: 31 lbs, 50% (he's gained 6 lbs since his 2 yr check when he was in the 15%)
Height: 37 5/8, 50%

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