Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Kiss Me Now, OK?

I have really enjoyed my 6 am wake up calls with Maddox. It is very often just the two of us so early in the morning that are awake. It’s nice to be able to wake him up out of his deep sleep, rub his back while he stretches awake, and of course, I love those sweet-pouty-sleepy lips in the morning!! I’ll sit on the side of his bed and he’ll usually flop over onto me to give me a hug (though I think he may be stealing a few extra moments with his eyes closed). I love this time. I remember last year my friend Heather saying that she enjoyed her time with her oldest as he got ready for the school while her other two continued to sleep. I thought she was crazy! How could you love getting up at 6 am?? Well, I totally get it now!

While there isn’t usually a ton of conversation going on (which is rare when you’re around Maddox) there are a lot of calm, sweet moments. There is no one else to fight with, booger, or drive crazy…it’s just the two of us watching Handy Manny (trying to sit upright) and eating breakfast. I’ll make his lunch, get his opinion on snack for the day, remind him about his water bottle, and check his folder one more time. We go upstairs to brush teeth and get rid of the bed head and then it’s out the door. This little boy who is moving in slow motion inside the house suddenly turns on his rocket boosters and takes off running to the bus stop! The cooler air in the morning gets his blood pumping and he’s ready to race me to the end of the street.

This morning about 4 houses from the bus stop he said, “Mommy, just kiss me now, ok”. I felt a little sting in my heart…he didn’t want a smooch at the bus stop in front of all the kids! I considered giving him a hard time, but instead chose to kiss my big boy away from his buddies and I told him I loved him. He’s growing up on me….too fast, but I do know that he still loves me and neeeeeds me…at least he’ll still give me kisses and hugs, right! I’ll take them where I can get them!!

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