Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My baby boy started preschool! Cooper is one of Ms. Kathy and Ms. Melanie’s Merry Monsters in the 3yr old class at Johns Creek Christian Church Preschool. It was a terribly hard decision to move from Sugarloaf UMC Preschool where Maddox spent his 3 preschool years and also where we attend church, but with the driving distance, I think we made the right decision.

Cooper’s teacher is our very own Kathy Acquaviva and across the street neighbor! Cooper knows her as he sees her every afternoon at the bus stop! He was excited yesterday morning when I woke him up and told him it was his first day of school! He immediately told me he would ride the bus! Much to his dismay, I explained that his bus would be my van…he accepted that as an answer and we went on with our morning!

He was very happy and excited as we got ready to go. I walked him in to his class (carpool will start next week…woo hoo!) and he cruised right in like he had been doing this all his life! Well, I guess he has since he was 6 weeks old when Maddox started preschool, but this was his first time as the student AND at a new school! I was so proud of him. He hung his bag up on his hook and off he went in to the classroom where he found the play doh and sat right down! A quick wave and an “I wub you, too” and he didn’t give me a second look!

I spent the short morning (it’s gradual entry week so he gets out at 11:30) with Brenda checking out her new house that she will be moving into next month. After a quick trip to WalMart , it was time to pick up my sweet boy. I stood and watched him sing “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” and interact with his classmates for a few minutes before class was dismissed. I heard Kathy say to the kids “Make sure you show your mommy what you made for her” and then we were invited to enter the classroom. Cooper was happy to see me and brought me his picture…his handprint with a heart in the middle of it and a poem about the book “The Kissing Hand”….enter lump in throat now. He presented his picture to me and then promptly kissed me on the cheek! What a guy!!! He told me he had fun and answered YES to the most important question….Do you want to come back tomorrow? Woo hoo!!! We are both looking forward to a fun year of preschool!

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