Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Silver Lining

In case you didn't know...aside from being a mom to 2 fabulous boys, I am also an aunt. I love my nieces and nephews as my own. Before Jim and I had kids of our own we really thought of our 1 niece (on my side) and 4 nephews (on Jim's side) as ours. This past week has been really difficult for us...however, even in the pain and suffering we have had a ton of fun! My kids were thrilled beyond their wildest dreams when "the guys" spent the night ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Maddox and Cooper played hard right up to the last minute before bedtime. Maddox, knowing that he had to get up early to catch the bus, was able to settle himself down and get to bed close to "on-time". Cooper, however, had to do bed checks to make sure that everyone was in their proper places and asleep before he could settle in for the night!

In preparation for Loren's return to the states from Afghanistan the guys made a poster for their dad. Not to be outdone or left out, Maddox and Cooper also made signs for Jim...although their signs were welcoming Jim home from the fire station. Enjoy these pictures of our 4 "first borns"...our precious nephews and, of course, my little cuties!

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  1. I love you Erin- praying so hard for these sweet 'guys' in your life!