Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Woo-hoo!!! Cooper is drinking "white" milk!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! He's come so far from the 6 month old that refused a bottle (and for 12 months after that :)) to a big guy who is drinking STRAIGHT MILK! When we finally were able to get him to drink from a straw cup he didn't like regular milk. He needed it flavored...of course, he's Cooper, so choosing a flavor like CHOCOLATE milk that you can get almost anywhere was not possible. He chose to fall in love with strawberry milk or the occasional vanilla! Real men drink pink milk is what he decided and the rest is history. Since he basically survives on and gets most of his calories and nutrition from milk I hated adding the extra sugar of the strawberry syrup or powder, but now I am proud to just pour his milk into his cup and go!!! Please raise your glass (or plastic straw cup)...I'm so proud of you, Cooper!!! You've come a long way baby! CHEERS!

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