Sunday, July 10, 2011


We have started a new exciting activity at our house! Maddox now has his buddies over for sleepovers!!! He wanted to have sleepovers last year and Heather Scott and I agreed that when he turned 5 we would let him spend the night with them. Well, 5 came and he tried it out....he didn't make it past being kissed goodnight. He said he just missed me too much. That's fine with me!!! I never liked sleeping away from home either :) However, Dylan was disappointed that Maddox didn't stay all night so he agreed to try sleeping over at our house! Dylan has now spent the night 3 times with us (two nights back to back :)) and the guys have a blast!!!! I do let them stay up a little "late" and they love it. Our nights usually consist of the boys playing in the basement, lots of popcorn, and usually a movie before bed. They always go to sleep easily (maybe it's boys or the fact that they are 5 & 6)....they don't seem to want to stay up and giggle or chat, they just go to sleep. For me, I'd have to say that my favorite part of the sleepover is the morning. The boys get right to playing and entertain themselves for hours!!! It's awesome! Here's to many more sleepovers!

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