Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cooper's Birthday Party

We celebrated Cooper’s first birthday family style! The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and 2 cousins all came to celebrate with us. We had a yummy lunch (if I do say myself) and a delicious cake (compliments to Emily on her superb decorating). Cooper, who does not care for food, had a great time with the cake! He squished it, played in it, turned his plate upside down and smashed it all over the tray of his highchair! He was covered in cake from chest to knees…but not a single speck of cake or frosting on his face!!!! His did enjoy a few licks of a vanilla ice cream cone for his birthday treat! This entire experience was so different than Maddox’s first birthday who would not even TOUCH the cupcake on his tray!! To this day, Maddox still doesn’t want to even taste a piece of cake. To me, getting ready for this party was a mixture of emotions. I didn’t feel overly prepared (what else is new in my life these days) and I’m not sure if my lack of preparation was my unwillingness to accept that he’s really turning a year old! This year has gone by so very fast. It really doesn’t seem possible that 12 months has passed since this little man has come into our lives! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun (or when you are incredibly sleep deprived and functioning in a daze). He’s a great little guy with a fun personality! He’s changing everyday and continues to amaze us. Watching Cooper interact with Maddox is amazing. The first year is such a huge transformation. It’s amazing to see your tiny newborn grow (in what seems to be overnight) into a cruising, babbling, funny little boy!!!

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