Sunday, August 23, 2009


Maddox has been attending Sunday School a bit more regularly here recently…ok, so like, 3 Sundays in a row (which is good for us, sadly). He seems to really enjoy it. After the first week in his “big kid” class (and not the nursery) he announced that he didn’t have “any money to put in the box today”. Well, I wasn’t going to send him without an offering to give the next week. So, Sunday came and I gave him his “monies” (change) for the offering. I told him that he should keep it in his pocket until it was time to “put it in the box”. He said, “I know, I’ll keep this and use it to buy a new boat!!” OH NO! I reminded him that it was for the offering plate so be sure to leave it at church. When I picked him up his teacher told me that he was the first in line to put his money in the offering. She said that it’s not uncommon for the kids this age to have a hard time giving their money up…she also told the story of how her daughter appeared with $23 one day. When they asked her how she had that much money they realized she had been saving her offering money that her parents were giving her each week! Ha ha ha!

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