Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maddox's New 'Do

If you have ever been present for a Maddox haircut, you will appreciate this next post...Maddox did not shed one tear during his last haircut!!!! Woo hoo! We were so very proud! We are not sure exactly what scared him...his first haircut was great! After that, they have almost progressively become more traumatic and he has gotten more hysterical! I tried and tried to get to the root of the problem...was it the buzzing sound? the sharp scissors coming at his head? what?? He finally decided that it was "all the scratchy things" that fell on his back when his hair was cut...SOLUTION: wear the cape! He thought that would be a good idea and then by the time we would enter the hair salon he would be in hysterics and sweating! So, at the beginning of the summer Jim and I decided that maybe we could give him a summer buzz at home. It was a little better, but still a lot of crying (and sweating for all 3 of us). I trimmed around his ears with scissors a few weeks ago and he did fine. We talked about it and he decided that it would be ok (since I told him that if we just did the sides he wouldn't need a haircut all over for a little while longer). He was soooo proud of himself for not crying...and I was too! So, last night Jim told him that the beach condo has a new have to get a haircut before you go (going on Monday). Maddox said he needed to get a few supplies before we went upstairs for the haircut...he went to the drawer and looked for the fingernail clippers. He said that those clippers would be better than the big ones. We discussed how long that would take and he agreed with us. We went up to do the deed...he was not thrilled, but not freaking out and running away either (a VERY GOOD sign!!). He sat all by himself on the bathroom counter (another huge milestone) and Jim first used the scissors to trim around his ears. He then used the clippers and did the rest of his hair...we had Maddox almost chanting...I'M NOT SCARED! It seemed to be working so we continued. As we were finishing up Jim suggested he get a treat for doing so well. This was such a huge accomplishment I think both of us were thinking that whatever he said (within reason) was an acceptable request. His request...A WHITE ICE CREAM CONE! SOLD, to the boy with the new haircut!!! He and Jim went to McDonald's and got a vanilla ice cream cone (with Maddox in his pjs, which he also thought was hilarious). The only sad thing about the whole experience was when we brushed him off and turned him around to see his new 'do he had this look of SHOCK! He said, "whoa whoa whoa, something's not right...I look DIFFERENT!! Not like Holden! I want my big hair back!" It was so sad...but I can totally relate! You know when you get your hair cut real different than what you are used to and everytime you see your reflection in a window you almost do a double take because you know that that person looking at you is surely not yourself!!! That's exactly what he kept doing! He will learn to love it (as will I, it's a bit shorter than I would have preferred). He's a cutie and we are just so proud of him for conquering his fears and working through it!!!!! WAY TO GO, MADDOX!!!! You are growing up before our very eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Erin, this is so precious. I just read the whole thing! You have 2 funny little boys and I think I'm going to enjoy keeping up with them through this blog. Brenda sent me the link a while ago, but I've just now gotten around to checking it out. Glad that I did.
    Love to you all!!