Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lunch Bears

Today the boys and I went to church. Maddox is really enjoying his “new” class and especially “putting his money in the box.” After church we were going to go to Rudy and Jaynie’s house to take them a little gift. On the way out of the parking lot I suggested we go pick up some lunch on our way to their house. Maddox thought that “Blue Chick-fil-A” (aka Burger King) would be a good place to eat lunch. I agreed and then he said…”You know, I had bears there today. Not real bears, but LUNCH BEARS…and I don’t like lunch bears so I’m really hungry.” I finally figured out that they had teddy grahams for snack in Sunday School and he’s not a fan!!

On a sweet note, when we gave the towels that we had monogrammed to the Bennors Maddox said, "thanks for letting us go to your mountain house!" Without being prompted. He has heard Jim and I talking about getting them a little gift as a token of our appreciation and he picked up on it! So nice to have him pick up on something nice every once in a while!!! He told them that he would be happy to come back and visit at their house anytime...just let him know! So FUNNY!!! He insisted on hugs and kisses before we left and told them goodbye the whole way out of their driveway!

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