Monday, August 10, 2009


Maddox and I were determined to go to Six Flags last Friday. He had been asking me for a week to go (and I would in turn ask Jim who decided it was too hot to go...maybe he was right). We found some free passes that were in our season pass booklets that were good through Friday. We started down the list of friends who we thought might be able to go. My goal was to find a friend that had a child about the same age as Maddox to ride with him. I assumed I would take Cooper and that hopefully whoever went with us would understand that if a child had a meltdown (and I assumed it would be one of mine) that it would be time to leave. The search was on! I finally bit the bullet and asked Bebe if it would be possible for her to keep Cooper for the day and I would take Holden and Lucas with me on a field trip!! Cooper is still not eating food and refuses a bottle/cup at this point so he is not an ideal babysitting opportunity…even for a grandmother!! She agreed! I had explained to the boys that if at any point Cooper was unhappy and Bebe called us to come home that we HAD TO LEAVE RIGHT AWAY. They said that the understood and off we went! We arrived at Six Flags at about 11:00…Maddox was beside himself! He LOVES it there and it was almost more than he could handle to have two of his favorite “guys” with him. They were super sweet with him and didn’t complain about riding the “kiddie” rides. Thankfully, they were all a little too short for the bigger roller coasters…although I do believe that each of them would have gone on any of the rides without hesitation! It was blazing hot…I carried water and snacks in a backpack and we stopped at every “mister” to cool off. Even though it was hot and the lines were longer than Maddox had ever experienced we all had a great time! To top it off, Cooper did AWESOME!!! Bebe said that he took his two naps without too much fuss and was a happy little boy! Our sweet friend Alexandra came over and helped out with him so what was there not to be happy about!!!! He was the center of attention and he loved it! What a relief!! We were all exhausted by the end of the day. We didn’t smell very good and our feet were really tired but we had fond memories of the day!!! I told Holden and Lucas that I would take them again any day (that I had a free ticket) because they were so well behaved. And though they probably wouldn’t admit it, I think I may have gained a couple of “cool auntie” points for the trip! Maddox is ready to go again!

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  1. Wish we could've gone with you. Maybe when it gets cooler out!