Monday, August 24, 2009


Oh my Maddox, he is a smart boy! He is coming to the realization (at least once a day) that I am RIGHT! He will be dancing all around and I’ll politely ask him to go to the potty...he will deny, deny, deny that he has to go…I’ll ask again in a few minutes…nope, still don’t have to go! I’ll then insist that he at least go try…he barely can get his pants down before the floodgates open…hmmm, guess I was right! He will say, “Mommy, I guess you were right! I did have to tee-tee!”

Last night he had another realization of my “right-ness”. Jim just got the Mustang painted so he wanted it in the garage for the night. My van was in “my” side and all of the leftovers from our garage sale was in the other side (the ‘stang side). I told Maddox to come with me to move the van out of the garage. He asked why? My answer was simple (and truthful). “Because, Daddy wants his goofy Mustang parked in the garage.” Maddox went along with my plan to move the van and loved it because he got to sit in the back seat! When we came back inside from all of the car shuffling I saw that Jim had WRITTEN ACROSS my to-do list!!!! WHAT??? You don’t mess with a girl’s to-do list!!!! That’s a big no-no and I expressed myself in a way that let Jim know that he should not do that again. There were no ugly words, there wasn’t a heated conversation, but Maddox KNEW that Daddy had done a bad thing. His reply...”You’re right Mommy (wait for it…), Daddy’s Mustang IS goofy!” Hahahahahaha!!!!! Jim could not believe his ears…and frankly, neither could I! We were both so shocked! Maddox LOVES the Mustang (along with all things boats, trailers, motorcycles, and race cars)! Finally, my boy is sticking with me!!!! He’s no dummy! Of course, about 5 minutes later he had decided he was back on Team Mustang and that maybe it wasn’t that goofy. Oh well, it lasted for a few moments…at least Cooper is on my side (for now)!

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  1. It is nice when they are on your side isn't it?!